Lincontro Dei Sapori

Lincontro Dei Sapori, “The Meeting of Flavours”, is exactly what we’d like to serve to the people of Doha. It isn’t just a meeting of flavours but also a meeting with loved ones and friends in a rustic and homely ambiance. We would love to be a part of your remarkable experience shared over our exceptional food and drinks.

Renowned for creating popular haunts for trendsetters in Doha since 2017, Lincontro has brought a new vision to life at the center of Qatar. Lincontro provides warm and friendly service with vibrant ambiance to help everyone savour our signature dishes. Indulge authentic food comprising the freshest ingredients that elevates the art of Italian cuisine. Lincontro’s menu includes light antipasti, salads, pastas, pizzas, the best cuts of meats, the highest quality seafood and a selection of signature dishes.

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